Make PSP video with altShiiva

altShiiva with PSP Optimizer
altShiiva with PSP Optimizer

I was trying to create an MP4 video file that properly works with my PSP with a video encoding application for MacOS X called altShiiva. I think I found the right setting, so I'm writing them down before I forget.

Input: any files that QuickTime can load
(DivX or WMV files need 3rd party codecs first)
Output: M4Vxxxxx.MP4
(replace 'x' with numbers - don't deviate from this format!)

[Crop & Scale]
Crop: don't use it
Scale: 320 x 240

fps: 29.97fps or 14.985fps
Bitrate: 48 KB/s
(This needs to be set for proper audio sync.)
(Note that it's not Kbps! 48KB/s = 384kbps)

Encode Audio: tick this...
Rate: choose 24.000 kHz...
Press 'Options'...
Bit Rate: 64 kbps
Output Sample Rate: 24.000 kHz
(Double-check the numbers - they sometimes change on their own)

Title: type whatever you like
Create THM file: use it
Move slider, pick the scene, and press' Take THM from Current Preview'

Press 'Go!'

PSP-related websites usually explain encoding methods using Windows applications, so I wasn't happy with it. Meanwhile, there are PSP management applications such as PSPWare or iPSP, but they cost money, so I thought that coming up with the method above was a good idea. If QuickTime can't load the video or if the subtitle needs to be hardcoded, I'm told that I could use ffmpegX. You could use this in the first place to create a PSP compatible video, but you can't hardcode the subtitle while doing it - you'll need to do encoding two times anyway.


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Wesley's Tool-Box on : PSP video encoding quality compare

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I've done some encoding tests with various settings using PSP Video 9 and altShiiva. I had originally intended to use altShiiva for encoding, but then after encoding one file, I noticed that it would hog my main system's resources for an extended period o


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necesito el software
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this was really helpful
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