Nogodan Climb

Route Information

The entrance point to the path to the top of Nogodan is called Seongsamjae. This map shows the details of the 4.7km climbing path from Seongsamjae (lower right) to Nogodan (top left). I have uploaded a cropped higher resolution image of this map.

Path Up

The path is built for everyone - you don't need hiking gears to go up.


Since I have a lot of pictures taken but little knowledge of plants, I'll just post them in a series.

Dragonfly on a Flower

Strange Looking...


Cloud Hanging

On the way up, the clouds often hung around the mountain.

Little Valley

This small valley with a stream flowing is marked on the map.


Unlike some of the dragonflies I encountered, the butterflies were very active and didn't rest more than a short while on a branch or a flower. Luckily, I was able to take a picture of one sitting down.




Still Going Up


Wish You Were Here

Here's a photo taken with my mom near the observation deck in a movie poster style.

The Faraway View

This is how the whole mountain range looked like from the observation deck.

Top of the Mountain

This is the observation deck at the peak of the mountain. We did not have time to visit this place.

Family Photo

So instead our family took a picture in front of the pointer showing the way to the top.

Rippling Range

Another photo of the mountain range, showing a nice ripple look.

Going Downhill

Time to return to the base.


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