Driving to Jirisan (Mt. Jiri)

Last weekend, our family decided to go out for a drive in the vicinity of Jirisan (Mount Jiri) as a summer vacation trip. As usual the trip was to be quick (one day without a sleepover) but efficient.

On Our Way

Dad is at the wheels. He's still quite able to make a long-distance drive, but I hope he doesn't overdo it. 15 years ago he was able to drive all the way from Quebec (Canada) to Florida (USA), a three-day trip (one-way) with 10 hours of driving each day, so our family could visit Disney World. He did do a round trip.

Gyeongsan Service Area

Because we started out early, we didn't have any breakfast. So after about an hour of driving, we stopped at Gyeongsan Service Area on Gyeongbu Expressway near Daegu.


The cafeteria was well-stocked.


After picking our dishes, we sat down to eat.


Back on the road, we entered the Guma (DaeGU-MAsan) Expressway. Here's one of the several apartment complexes visible from the road.

Green Threads

Also, a truck containing yarns of green threads passed by us. Daegu has a large textile industry.


Here's Maxan's manufacturing plant. There's little doubt that the very mainboard I used for my wearable computing project was created here.

Hwawon Tollgate

Exiting the vicinity of Daegu, we entered a tollgate, which eventually led to the infamous '88-Olympic Expressway. Why is it infamous?


Because even though it's supposed to be an 'expressway', and thus a paid road, it's only a 2-lane, and has a speed limit of 80km/h (50mph). This is worse than lots of national roads (gukdo).


At least it's getting expanded partially. It doesn't seem to be a high priority, however.

Geochang Service Area

We stopped over at Geochang Service Area for a coffee break.

Rose of Charon

There were a lot of rose of charon (Mugunghwa), the national flower of Korea, in full bloom.

The Mountain

Back on the road, we could see our destination, Jirisan, far ahead.


Some interesting bushes came and went along the way.

Jirisan Tollgate

Finally, we reached Jirisan Tollgate. We were finally coming close.

Toll Ticket

Dad handed in the toll ticket which was used to automatically calculate the toll we had to pay.

The trip continues.


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